Linguistic agility

This post is in English for reasons I’ll get to soon. First, this: I’ve started at a new job. It’s pretty awesome and although the pressure is certainly high, so is the reward. Everyone is super talented, funny, and smells lovely. At this place I get work with some people who don’t speak Swedish, so I get to practice my English a lot. I enjoy this, partly because I like practicing my language skills and also because I’m a narcissist jerk who’s aroused by the sound of my own voice. So to celebrate my blooming lust for l’anglais, here’s an article that’s absolutely ripe with awesomeness: It has freaky insects and a style of writing that I’m totally in love with and wish I could master. So I hereby present to you: The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World.

2 Responses to “Linguistic agility”
  1. meltphace. says:

    Jag blir också aroused by the sound of your voice. ;D ;D JAG SKA ÄTA UPP DEN NÄR DU LIGGER OCH SOVER!

  2. Nick says:

    That article is horribly written. Take it from a native English speaker and journalist; your English is much nicer!