Hello darkness my old friend

I’ve been making add-on maps for DOOM and DOOM II for 14 years now. In recent years I just haven’t had the time needed to produce something worthwhile, but occasionally I fire up the editor and poke around in some old maps. This weekend I’ve actually made some progress (!) on an old map of mine, part of which can be seen above in all its satanic glory. Wether it’ll ever get released is difficult to say, but seeing how fun it is to map again I might actually pull through…

4 Responses to “Hello darkness my old friend”
  1. Derek says:

    That’s OK, there are bits and idea in my second level that I’ve been working on since 1997. I think everyone should be allowed one Chinese Democracy in their lifetime. Except without the whining about loneliness and persecution.

  2. sverror says:

    Symapthy for the devil and all but… is it done yet? I’m jonesing for some Doom ala Ola! Just mirror up some of the finished stuff and paste it into the unfinished bits – its easy and no one will notice!

  3. sverror says:

    Those demons have obviously been holed up in the finished sections a very long time now – we can’t just let them keep walking around on the ceiling, where the cleaning lady can’t get to. Supplant the Cyberdemon’s usual carpenter team, smuggle in some right-side up crosses, reverse gravity and lets get in there! Woo00OOhoo0OO!!!

  4. sverror says:

    Is it done yet?