Belgium part deux

I had my second DJ gig in Belgium this weekend, and it went fairly well – I played a lot darker and more demanding music this time and I was happy that so many seemed to appreciate it, but for some it was “too much” or they expected something more melodic.

A few minor technical mistakes are par for the course (I still don’t have CD players at home, so I can’t practice!) but what bugs me the most about my performance is that the buildup wasn’t as linear as I’d wanted for the last hour or so. Some tracks seemed to sound much more powerful at home than on the dancefloor, but I’ll do better next time.

There were lots of cameras around but I haven’t found any pictures. There’s a youtube clip where I’m present for all of three seconds, but there’s none of my music in there. So, if anyone from the party reads this, feel free to link to photos in the comments!

Huge thanks to Kevin and Sanne for the great organizing effort and again to Joske & Caroline for their generous hospitality. There’s got to be something in the Belgian tap water…

EDIT: Pictures here!

One Response to “Belgium part deux”
  1. longripps says:

    thanx for a mindblowing set!!
    hope to hear you play again soon

    grtz from belgium :)