DJ report: Belgium round III

I played a DJ set in Belgium this weekend, where Psykovsky and Cosmosis played live. So it was kind of big, but my morning set (I got on at 8am) got a slightly smaller crowd than last year. Nevertheless, the Belgians know how to stir up a dancefloor riot, and here’s a short glimpse of when I played my favourite track off of Filteria‘s “Heliopolis” album:

I arrived just 40 minutes before I started playing, since I had to get up at 6am on Saturday to catch the flight to Brussels and hence needed to get some sleep before playing. Then I also had to jump into a cab to go straight to the airport after my gig, so I didn’t get to socialize much. Thanks however go out to Arne for booking me, Joske and Sammy for their neverending hospitality and friendliness, Philip for the record (nice to finally meet!), Matthias for buying some vinyl from me and Billy (Cosmosis) for the nice handover and for being such a nice bloke.

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