Weiss MAN 202

In my previous post I mentioned and made some wishes for Weiss’ rumored server / ethernet interface thingamajig that I anticipated we might get to see at CES. Well I was fairly right and the cat’s out of the bag (click to enlarge):


Via: Design With Sound Blog

I wonder if the built-in DAC is identical to DAC 202. If not, what if I want a DAC202 and one of these as a server and/or ethernet interface; Do I have to pay for a DAC I won’t need?

One Response to “Weiss MAN 202”
  1. Weiss Andrea says:

    the built-in DAC is in the same quality as the DAC202 DA Converter.
    there´ll be a MAN202 version without a built-in DAC.
    If you have more questions feel free to contact me.
    or get the flyer:

    kind regards
    andrea weiss