New records, February 2013

Bought through
Dodecahedron – “Dodecahedron” (Yeah I found the vinyl at last. Mine is # 104/250.)
Lord Mantis – “Pervertor” (Black vinyl version)

From David of Battle of the Future Buddhas (whom I now owe a couple of beers):
Various – “The Oldest Story”
Various – “Gates of Unknown”

Super few this month as I’m anticipating a shitty February salary and a bunch of stuff didn’t arrive here until after the 28th. Dodecahedron unfortunately has just as much brickwall limiter clipping on vinyl as on CD but I applaud them for releasing it as a double at 45 rpm.

There’s a bit of one-trick-pony signs about them but Schoiroideairis might be my new favorite contemporary “psytrance” act.

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