New records, March 2013

From Fade Records, physical store:
Autechre – “Exai” (4LP box version of course!)
Dino Sabatini – “No More EP”

From Suntrip Records, for which I’m a label DJ:
Antares – “Exodus”
Artifact 303 – “Back to Space”
Crossing Mind – “The Inner Shift”
Dimension 5 – “TransStellar”
Dimension 5 – “TransAddendum”
Electrypnose – “Sweet Sadness”
InnerSpace – “InnerSpace”
Mindsphere – “Patience for Heaven”
Various – “Energy Waves”
Various – “Shaltu”

From Chronicle of Mystery Records:
Schoiroideairis ‎– “The Soul Of Shroomadia”

From Juno:
Reeko – “Passage #17″
Function – “Incubation”
Function – “Gradient”
A Mochi – “Squeal 3″
Cyl – “Crypt”
Diamond Version – “EP3″
Dj Lock / David Meiser ‎– “Lost Channel EP”
Error Etica ‎– “The Axiom Of Coherent States”
Korova – “Hashima EP”
Fabrizio Lapiana ‎– “Dark Visions EP”
Various – “Sinister”

I’m calling it early: Autechre wins record of the year 2013. I just don’t see how anyone can possibly top this. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Overall, a very dance oriented month with lots of trance and techno, but on the other hand some quite bewildering variety within these genres.

Out of the Suntrip batch I’m most excited about the two Dimension 5 records, it’s so great to have all that stuff compiled on CD at last. I think the matering is slightly aggressive but I’ll take it. Despite my affiliation with the label, I normally prefer a darker and weirder sound than these records represent. That said, there are some nice bits in here! In my sunny set at Lost Theory Festival 2011 I played the Filteria remix track off of the Shaltu compilation for example. I need to records some more mix sets…

For techno, there’s still lots of fantastic moody, introvert stuff being released. The Function album and accompanying EP are really fantastic and the EP from A Mochi is the fattest thing I’ve heard in ages.

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