New records, April 2013

From the artist himself:
Expo ’70 ‎– “Virtually From The Unknown” (Red marbled version)

Lunar Miasma ‎– “Monophonic Ritual”
Lunar Miasma ‎– “Mirror Squares”
Lunar Miasma ‎– “Circle Ray”
Lunar Miasma ‎– “Blackest Haze”
Lunar Miasma ‎– “Mala Aria”
Lunar Miasma / Ondo ‎– “Lunar Miasma / Ondo”

More from, but another seller:
Various ‎– “Space Of Power: The Legend About Great Existence Of The Universe”
Various ‎– “Voyager: First Plateau”

The Expo ’70 LP is aaaaaamaaaaaaazing! Kraut-psych-jam-freakout-rock mode here, not the usual (but wonderful) drones. This is a seriously awesome record, very very highly recommended.

The Lunar Miasma CD stash was a fantastic find on Discogs, a seller was offloading his entire collection which included these rarities. I still don’t have a complete Lunar Miasma collection and might never have, but brought me a hell of a lot closer.  For the curious, I’ve written about Lunar Miasma before.

Some goa trance this month too, snagged two compilations where my buddy Filteria has tracks included. The one on “Voyager: First Plateau” is a very old one that used to be called Aurora. I think it’s one of his most beautiful compositions ever and one that desperately needed to be released, listen on Youtube here. The other compilation has, aside from the Filteria track, 3 bits by E-Mantra which is all you need to know really. His dance stuff still excits me tremendously, while the downtempo releases are frankly just cheesy gibberish to my ears.

One Response to “New records, April 2013”
  1. oscarnr says:

    Never heard of Lunar Miasma. I’ll ckeck it!!! Expo’70 are awesome…
    BTW, what a coincidence. I have seen the photo of your room from the previous post. You love your speakers and I love mine. I have also a pair of Focal Scala Utopia driven by a Pass Labs INT-150. An excellent combination in my opinion, and an incredible speakers. As source I use a Calyx Femto DAC (USB) and macbook pro.

    All the best