New on Suntrip Records: Blacklight Moments

Among my quite diverse musical interests I’m a label DJ for Belgian goa/psychedelic trance label Suntrip Records. For their latest compilation they involved me and the other DJ’s a bit more in the track selection process. It was interesting to see how different our tastes are and I don’t envy Fabien & Joske for having to wade through so many mediocre demo tracks.

A compilation is rarely as coherent as an album so there are some tracks I’m not too excited about, but some that I think are truly great. You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify:

Standout tracks for me are E-Mantra’s remix of the Artifact303 track (I’m always sucker for E-Mantra’s dance stuff), the finishing Uth track which has a wonderful oldschool trance vibe to it in terms of both production and arrangement, and surprisingly the Mindsphere track really grew on me; It’s very much a Dimension 5 clone but so well done I can’t help digging it. Khetzal delivers one of his better dance tracks as well.

It can be bought from the Suntrip Shop.

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