New records, June 2013

From Fade Records, physical store:
Mike Parker – “Lustrations”
Voices From The Lake – “Voices From The Lake”
Minilogue – “Blomma”
Ancient Methods – “Seventh Seal”
S / SS – “Sicario De Dios”

From Suntrip Records:
Various – “Blacklight Moments”


I knew Mike Parker is pretty monotonous but the quick needle drops in the store didn’t quite prepare me for how extremely loop oriented this album would be. I have to say I regret this purchase, his previous singles on the same label are better.

The Minilogue album is absolutely fantastic, only topped by the somehow even greater live set they’ve released on Soundcloud. Warm, lush, patient, soaring, hypnotic, blissfull, lovely techno/house whateverisms straight from the heart. Beautiful.

…And if you like Minilogue, the Voices From The Lake album is a must-have. Sooooo lush.

Ancient Methods is a bit uneven, even across the tracks on this EP, but A1 is such a beast of a track. Ominous industrial techno on very beautiful clear marbled vinyl with a slight teal tint that makes it look like glass. Listen on Youtube here.

S / SS are techno behemoths Svreca and Silent Servant. Nothing revolutionary on here but solid quality techno of that slightly desolate, dystopian variety I like so much. This is available in all sorts of limited editions with various accessories. Mine is transparent and comes with a book. My girlfriend got the one that also contained the mix CD, but not the tote bag or “art item” that was something like €40.

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