New records, July 2013

From Juno:
Xamiga ‎– “Oceania”
Inigo Kennedy ‎– “The Darkest Valentine” (Black vinyl repress)
Polar Inertia ‎– “Remixed”
Acronym ‎– “Dimensional Exploration 002″
Commanchee’s Revenge ‎– “Commanchee’s Revenge / Tetrahedron”
KAB ‎– “Reconnect”
Minilogue ‎– “Cycles EP”
Radial ‎– “Caveman EP”
Hironori Takahashi ‎– “Blending Mode EP”

From seller Teresa:
Attemporal & Ness ‎– “Spatial Dimension”
Norm Talley ‎– “Deep Consciousness”
D. Carbone, 3TH, Ascion, Lucindo ‎– “Solid Roots”
Claudio PRC ‎– “L Synthesis”

From seller Avez:
The Monitors ‎– “Control”
Mokira ‎– “Time Axis Manipulation Pt. 1″
Ness / Obtane ‎– “Black Sorrow / Tremors From An Unimaginable Future”
The Exaltics ‎– “Muted World”


Almost purely a techno month. Another parcel has gone missing in the mail, so it will fall under the August post if it ever shows up. Favorites of these so far are Inigo Kennedy, Polar Inertia, KAB, the Solid Roots split EP, and The Monitors. One purchase I could have done without is The Exaltics which although it has a lovely IDM type of sound turned out to be a little bit forgettable. Maybe it grows on me. Everything else was still very good, very happy with this month.

The track I’ve played the most so far is the fantastic Abdulla Rashim remix for Polar Inertia, it is truly a perfect marriage of their respective aesthetics:

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