New records, September 2013

From Snickars Records, physical store:
Acronym ‎– “Dimensional Exploration 001″
JS ‎– “Reduction 1″
Claudio PRC & Ness ‎– “The World Outside”

From seller Angel Records:
Dasha Rush ‎– “Interception Of Arts”
Acronym ‎– “River Red Gum”
Donato Dozzy ‎– “200 EP”
Donato Dozzy – “Plays Bee Mask”

From seller avez:
Function ‎– “Remixed”
Alien Rain ‎– “Alien Rain 3″
Hiss : 1292 ‎– “Aetherius Society”
Sascha Dive / Iori ‎– “La Santa Danza / Bloom”
Various ‎– “The Black Ideal”
Orphx ‎– “Traces EP”

From seller poen:
Edanticonf ‎– “Planet”
Deepbass & Ness ‎– “Conspiracy EP”
I/Y ‎– “I/Y 001″

From Juno:
Giorgio Gigli – “Inside”
Inter Gritty – “RI№5″
Daniel Menche – “Vilke”
Alession Pili/Nax_Acid – “De Temporum Corruptione”
Dino Sabatini meets Donato Dozzy – “Journey Back To Ithaca”
Shapednoise – “Until Human Voices Wake Us”
The Third Man – “Pipes At Helios Canyon”

From the label (Northern Electronics):
Ulwhednar ‎– “Withatten 1892″

If you like the style of drone-y, dystopian techno I keep buying, you should seriously check anything added for sale by avez. Best techno selection on all of Discogs and a super reliable seller. Click through any links above and you’ll find youtube clips from most of them.

The Daniel Menche album is his best since Kataract I think. Contains the sound of actual wolves. That’s all you need to know.

Worst one this month must be the Sasha Dive side of the 10″ split with Iori and Shapednoise sounded more interesting as a preview clip and might not get much play time here. Donato Dozzy for all his hype isnt really delivering on “200 EP”. “Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask” is ace though, highly recommended.

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