Filteria – “Lost in the Wild”

One of the records that didn’t reach my Swedish mailbox in time for the October report is my good friend Jannis’ fourth full length album “Lost in the Wild“, released under his Filteria moniker. As usual I did the cover design and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Interestingly, in my youtube video from Lost Theory festival 2011 where I played a very early version of the title track (it was just a couple of days old at that time and has been remixed thoroughly for the album), I chose a graphic design that ended up being a pretty accurate precursor to the aesthetics of the album cover two years later:

Musically it’s full blast, jet fueled, super-melodic goa trance with very high production quality. My favorites are actually the more restrained tracks, “Filteroid” and “Night @ 12pm”. Here’s the whole thing on Spotify:

…and for the spotify impaired, a shittier sounding Youtube version:

Order straight from the label here:

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