Goodbye Stockholm, hello New York!

As of November 1st my wife and I now live in New York. I’m here to start an east coast office for my employer. All records and stereo equipment is in storage in Sweden so until we sign a permanent lease on an apartment we have to get by without music. We’re just six days into this and I can already tell it will be rough. I need my speakers!

I’ve had time to check out Stereo Exchange and In Living Stereo, and while they are nice stores it’s becoming evident how world class Stockholm’s Audio Concept truly is.

We’ll be looking to buy a new amp since my Pass INT-150 won’t run on 120V/60Hz, so there might be some more shop visit reports in the future. There’s Innovative Audio Video, Sound by Singer, New York High End Audio, Ciamara, Park Avenue Audio, Lyric Hifi, High-End Palace, Wes Bender Studio, Audio Arts and whatever else there is out there. I’m thinking Lyric will be first since they sell Focal and should know what amps go well with them.

I’ll be blogging about my New York experiences in Swedish at but hopefully this page will see some more action too now that I’m shopping for hifi again. Aside from a new amp I need a turntable too.

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