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Best new music of 2013-2014

As I didn’t write a 2013 list this time last year—I had just moved to New York and the year had been a bit too tumultuous for music to get adequate attention—here’s an aggregated list of my favorite music purchases over the past two years. My list for 2012 is available here. Minilogue / Son Kite / Sebastian Mullaert: overall output 2013-2014 From the very beginning of their career, Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert have had a rare knack for the very fundamentals... Read More

A brief history of goa trance

Preamble This article serves a few different purposes: It documents my own understanding of the origins of this specific music genre, highlights some of my favorite tracks, albums and labels, and it attempts to explain the virtues of the genre to those who are new to it. I have had to make many large omissions, and if you’re familiar with the genre you may disagree with with some of my choices regarding what to mention. Additionally, what drew me into this music might not... Read More

Filteria – “Lost in the Wild”

One of the records that didn’t reach my Swedish mailbox in time for the October report is my good friend Jannis’ fourth full length album “Lost in the Wild“, released under his Filteria moniker. As usual I did the cover design and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Interestingly, in my youtube video from Lost Theory festival 2011 where I played a very early version of the title track (it was just a couple of days old at that time and has been... Read More

Goodbye Stockholm, hello New York!

As of November 1st my wife and I now live in New York. I’m here to start an east coast office for my employer. All records and stereo equipment is in storage in Sweden so until we sign a permanent lease on an apartment we have to get by without music. We’re just six days into this and I can already tell it will be rough. I need my speakers! I’ve had time to check out Stereo Exchange and In Living Stereo, and while they are nice stores it’s becoming evident... Read More

New records, October 2013

From goastore.ch: Various – “Instrumentarium” Various – “Remember The Slime” Crop Circles – “Full Mental Jackpot” Comments A single order managed to reach my mailbox this month, with two more narrowly missing the mark. Both compilations are full of that most psychotic kind of nighttime psy-trance that I like, so while I almost never buy anything new in this genre it was time for an exception.  Read More

New records, September 2013

From Snickars Records, physical store: Acronym ‎– “Dimensional Exploration 001″ JS ‎– “Reduction 1″ Claudio PRC & Ness ‎– “The World Outside” From Discogs.com seller Angel Records: Dasha Rush ‎– “Interception Of Arts” Acronym ‎– “River Red Gum” Donato Dozzy ‎– “200 EP” Donato Dozzy – “Plays Bee Mask” From Discogs.com seller avez: Function ‎– “Remixed” Alien... Read More

New records, August 2013

I honestly think I bought zero new records last month. At least I can’t think of a single one right now. I guess the weather was simply too nice to sit inside with the windows shut.  Read More

New records, July 2013

From Juno: Xamiga ‎– “Oceania” Inigo Kennedy ‎– “The Darkest Valentine” (Black vinyl repress) Polar Inertia ‎– “Remixed” Acronym ‎– “Dimensional Exploration 002″ Commanchee’s Revenge ‎– “Commanchee’s Revenge / Tetrahedron” KAB ‎– “Reconnect” Minilogue ‎– “Cycles EP” Radial ‎– “Caveman EP” Hironori Takahashi ‎– “Blending Mode EP” From... Read More

New records, June 2013

From Fade Records, physical store: Mike Parker – “Lustrations” Voices From The Lake – “Voices From The Lake” Minilogue – “Blomma” Ancient Methods – “Seventh Seal” S / SS – “Sicario De Dios” From Suntrip Records: Various – “Blacklight Moments” Comments I knew Mike Parker is pretty monotonous but the quick needle drops in the store didn’t quite prepare me for how extremely loop oriented this... Read More

New on Suntrip Records: Blacklight Moments

Among my quite diverse musical interests I’m a label DJ for Belgian goa/psychedelic trance label Suntrip Records. For their latest compilation they involved me and the other DJ’s a bit more in the track selection process. It was interesting to see how different our tastes are and I don’t envy Fabien & Joske for having to wade through so many mediocre demo tracks. A compilation is rarely as coherent as an album so there are some tracks I’m not too excited... Read More