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New records, May 2013

Sorry this one is a bit late. From the artist himself: Expo 70 – “Woolgather Visions” Expo 70 – “Live In The Pit KFJC 89.7 FM November 6. 2010″ Expo 70 – “Paralyzed” Expo 70 – “Virtually From The Unknown” Expo 70 – “Closet Full Of Candles” Expo 70 – “Corridors To Infinity” Comments Last months fave “Virtually From The Unknown” makes a reappearance here on cassette. Not the most necessary... Read More

New records, April 2013

From the artist himself: Expo ’70 ‎– “Virtually From The Unknown” (Red marbled version) From Discogs.com: Lunar Miasma ‎– “Monophonic Ritual” Lunar Miasma ‎– “Mirror Squares” Lunar Miasma ‎– “Circle Ray” Lunar Miasma ‎– “Blackest Haze” Lunar Miasma ‎– “Mala Aria” Lunar Miasma / Ondo ‎– “Lunar Miasma / Ondo” More from Discogs.com, but another seller: Various ‎–... Read More

I love my speakers

I’ve been home sick for a few days which, if I’m going to be a glass-half-full kind of guy for once, has meant more time in front of the speakers than usual. And good lord do I love them! It’s quite amazing how I can be reminded of this again and again. I realize I haven’t even mentioned in here that some 8-9 months ago we traded in the Focal Diablo Utopia’s for their bigger sibling Scala Utopia. This is what the room looks like currently: There... Read More

New records, March 2013

From Fade Records, physical store: Autechre – “Exai” (4LP box version of course!) Dino Sabatini – “No More EP” From Suntrip Records, for which I’m a label DJ: Antares – “Exodus” Artifact 303 – “Back to Space” Crossing Mind – “The Inner Shift” Dimension 5 – “TransStellar” Dimension 5 – “TransAddendum” Electrypnose – “Sweet Sadness” InnerSpace – “InnerSpace” Mindsphere... Read More

New records, February 2013

Bought through Discogs.com: Dodecahedron – “Dodecahedron” (Yeah I found the vinyl at last. Mine is # 104/250.) Lord Mantis – “Pervertor” (Black vinyl version) From David of Battle of the Future Buddhas (whom I now owe a couple of beers): Various – “The Oldest Story” Various – “Gates of Unknown” Comments Super few this month as I’m anticipating a shitty February salary and a bunch of stuff didn’t arrive here until... Read More

New records, January 2013

Music purchases that came into my possession in January 2013: From Sound Pollution (physical store): Hetroertzen – “Exaltation Of Wisdom – Through Light Towards Chaos” Dodecahedron – “Dodecahedron” Teitanblood – “Woven Black Arteries” From Juno: Deepbass – “Interstellar EP” Diamond Version ‎– “EP2″ Etnica – “Live In Athens 1996″ Giorgio Gigli/Cassegrain/Baryta/Staffan Linzatti –... Read More

Best new music of 2012

I generally don’t write these kinds of lists because a) there’s bound to be a bazillion great releases from this year that I haven’t heard yet, and b) of all the stuff I have heard I’m sure I have yet to fully appreciate some of it and I’ll probably very soon grow tired of some of the ones that sounded excellent the two times I listened to them. So in reality it would be much better to let everything settle and make this a 2011 list, but I’m... Read More

Techno mix set: Sky Abyss

// < ![CDATA[ audiojs.events.ready(function() { var as = audiojs.createAll(); }); // ]]> As a follow-up to my last post in September, I’ve FINALLY managed to record a mix with this type of techno. I’m planning a few more, but seeing how long these take maybe you shouldn’t count on it. Anyway, enjoy these 2 hours of dark, gloomy techno for winter nights. Play/listen above or download here (221MB).  Read More

This is my music, part 2: Hypnotic techno from Italy & beyond

Techno—the proper stuff and not the sugar-coated, insultingly tasteless drivel that every now and then seeps into the mainstream—is a rather faceless type of music, so this post will not have a single hero artist representing the genre. It is utilitarian music, primarily made for DJ’s and to be heard in the context of more techno, carefully selected and mixed to create a coherent aesthetic theme, since tracks seldom come to their full right on their own. It is music... Read More

You all need more Nicholas Szczepanik in your lives

Holy shit that name is hard to spell. Anyway, I’ve listened to his blissed out drone ambience (and noise) for a couple of years now, and his split with Celer totally hit the spot for me today. I’m enjoying this through headphones while I work and the glacial progression creates a zen-like focus bubble around my mind, free of distractions. You can listen to some of the tracks on his SoundCloud page, and here are two of them: I’ll get back to the “this... Read More