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Best new music of 2013-2014

As I didn’t write a 2013 list this time last year—I had just moved to New York and the year had been a bit too tumultuous for music to get adequate attention—here’s an aggregated list of my favorite music purchases over the past two years. My list for 2012 is available here. Minilogue / Son Kite / Sebastian Mullaert: overall output 2013-2014 From the very beginning of their career, Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert have had a rare knack for the very fundamentals... Read More

Best new music of 2012

I generally don’t write these kinds of lists because a) there’s bound to be a bazillion great releases from this year that I haven’t heard yet, and b) of all the stuff I have heard I’m sure I have yet to fully appreciate some of it and I’ll probably very soon grow tired of some of the ones that sounded excellent the two times I listened to them. So in reality it would be much better to let everything settle and make this a 2011 list, but I’m... Read More

Black Metal Trance part V: Darkspace

When a black metal band lists Juno Reactor among only 4 visible friends in their MySpace profile you can probably conclude that they’re somewhat more prone to electronic experimentation than the average band. This is indeed the case with Swiss trio Darkspace, who rely more on synthesizers than any of the bands mention previously in this series, and possible more than any in the genre. There are still guitars though, but most of the time they’re played to sound like... Read More

Black Metal Trance part IV: The Ruins of Beverast

When listening to introvert and contemplative music I can’t really escape the thought that it feels odd when it’s made by a band rather than a single person. Weakling (see below) sort of get away with it since they have more of a desolate, post-war and somehow “open” sound, but Burzum clones that are multi-member bands will just never feel legit. With The Ruins Of Beverast we’re on the safe side though, since it’s just one guy playing guitars,... Read More

Black Metal Trance part III: Weakling

While Burzum achieved a lot by simple means, his music can sometimes become too simple. Mood, sound and structure can get you very far, but add complexity to the mix and the music can become truly mindboggling, as well as hold up better to repeat listenings. Among the literally uncountable bands that have been influenced by Burzum, I find Weakling to be the best by far (do click that link, it gives an excellent summary of the bands history). Perhaps Weakling’s greatness... Read More

Black Metal Trance part II: Burzum

If you’re familiar with Burzum you can skip this post as it’s mainly directed to people who are new to the genre. I wasn’t really sure if I should bring up Burzum here at all – not because of his unfortunate political ideas, but rather because he must be the most discussed black metal artist ever. A quick googling gives something like 3,4 million hits… But it’s only fair to bring him up, because he pretty much invented the hypnotic black metal... Read More

Black Metal Trance part I: Prologue

Looking at my musical preferences throughout the years, one of many recurring themes is intensely energetic music with a majestic and euphoric, yet introvert and melacholic mood. That may sound like an oxymoron, but imagine being flown out from earth through the solar system. You would likely be in extatic awe of its unfathomable size and majesty, yet at the same time taken aback when realizing your relative insignificance and the fragility of our world. This particular blend... Read More