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Goodbye Stockholm, hello New York!

As of November 1st my wife and I now live in New York. I’m here to start an east coast office for my employer. All records and stereo equipment is in storage in Sweden so until we sign a permanent lease on an apartment we have to get by without music. We’re just six days into this and I can already tell it will be rough. I need my speakers! I’ve had time to check out Stereo Exchange and In Living Stereo, and while they are nice stores it’s becoming evident... Read More

Stereophile Weiss DAC202 review now online

The review I discussed in my previous post is now available online here. There’s another recent DAC202 review by Nicholas Bedworth for Positive Feedback with lots of very good technical information, but whose subjective conclusions I found a bit weird and littered with a bit of unfortunate mumbo jumbo. He claims to get better sound when bypassing the units internal clocking which goes against all my own experience, the Stereophile measurements and Daniel Weiss’ own... Read More

Stereophile reviews Weiss DAC202

This post is borderline obnoxiously self-congratulatory, so apologies for that. It’s been a while since I updated you on the progress of my hi-fi journey. In short, I bought the Weiss DAC202 this summer, after concluding that adding it to my Pass INT-150 amplifier gave a more satisfying sound than replacing both with a Devialet D-Premier. I’m very very happy with my purchase and whenever I listen through another digital source I’m struck by how flat and unenthusiastic... Read More

Interview: Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss is one of the worlds foremost authorities on digital sound and his products have had great success both in pro audio and among audiophiles around the world. In February he visited Stockholm and the high-end fair to present his latest creation MAN202, a combined DAC, network streamer, CD player and ripping station. After closing time on the first day I got a chance to talk to him over a few beers. This interview is quite technical at times, but key phrases have been... Read More

Devialet D-Premier vs Weiss DAC202

These are interesting times if you’re in the market for a server based, high-end stereo system. Separate DAC’s, this once forsaken component category, is in the midst of a magnificent resurgence. It doesn’t end there, either: You can find any combination of streamer, storage, DAC and digital amplifier on the market today. While this abundance of choice and competition in the marketplace is very appealing, it makes consumer decisions difficult. Should you opt... Read More

Tidal & Burmester

Way too hard, bright and mechanical sound here. I’ve still never heard speakers with these ceramic elements sound pleasant. They also have standmounts for 249000 SEK, which seems very difficult to justify:  Read More


Didn’t bother listening to these this year — I’ve heard the speakers before and have always been underwhelmed.  Read More

Bowers & Whatthehell

Ok now they’re just kidding, right? RIGHT?  Read More

A Weiss MAN

Let’s all pray I run out of pun titles soon. Anyway, here’s Daniel Weiss demonstrating his iPad interface for the new MAN202 network player/dac. I made a lengthy interview with him that will be available in english soon, with TONS of juicy details on his products. Here’s the MAN202:  Read More

Weiss MAN 202

In my previous post I mentioned and made some wishes for Weiss’ rumored server / ethernet interface thingamajig that I anticipated we might get to see at CES. Well I was fairly right and the cat’s out of the bag (click to enlarge): Via: Design With Sound Blog I wonder if the built-in DAC is identical to DAC 202. If not, what if I want a DAC202 and one of these as a server and/or ethernet interface; Do I have to pay for a DAC I won’t need?  Read More