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Filteria – “Lost in the Wild”

One of the records that didn’t reach my Swedish mailbox in time for the October report is my good friend Jannis’ fourth full length album “Lost in the Wild“, released under his Filteria moniker. As usual I did the cover design and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Interestingly, in my youtube video from Lost Theory festival 2011 where I played a very early version of the title track (it was just a couple of days old at that time and has been... Read More

Best new music of 2012

I generally don’t write these kinds of lists because a) there’s bound to be a bazillion great releases from this year that I haven’t heard yet, and b) of all the stuff I have heard I’m sure I have yet to fully appreciate some of it and I’ll probably very soon grow tired of some of the ones that sounded excellent the two times I listened to them. So in reality it would be much better to let everything settle and make this a 2011 list, but I’m... Read More

DJ report: Belgium round III

I played a DJ set in Belgium this weekend, where Psykovsky and Cosmosis played live. So it was kind of big, but my morning set (I got on at 8am) got a slightly smaller crowd than last year. Nevertheless, the Belgians know how to stir up a dancefloor riot, and here’s a short glimpse of when I played my favourite track off of Filteria‘s “Heliopolis” album: I arrived just 40 minutes before I started playing, since I had to get up at 6am on Saturday to catch... Read More

Schedule change

The new world order for this weekends party is that I play between Battle of the Future Buddhas and Filteria, instead of after them. This makes a whole lot more sense, seeing as I will now be taking over from howling psychosis while it’s pitch black, and leave to über-melodic power-trance in broad daylight. This lets me leave the “normal” goa trance to the other DJ’s while I can dig really deep in my record collection to pick out the sickest mindfuckery... Read More

The yearly Swedish forest gig

My first and possibly only outdoor gig for the year is going to be this upcoming weekend. The flyer: Pretty damn sweet lineup if you ask me! I’m playing 03:30 – 06:00, which means early dawn -> full sunlight. The music will go from dusk hypnoticism to orgasmic sun worship (as if Filteria doesn’t provide enough sun worship =). I will also play in the chillout, from 22:00-00:00 if all goes well. I will be playing Steve Roach music exclusively, hopefully getting... Read More

I’m a big boy now

So I finally have an artist entry on Discogs thanks to poking Jannis in the kidneys while he’s making music. Some short comments on the two tracks from his latest album that had me involved: Filtertraces – this was a complete track that was pretty nice, but we sat down one day and completely rearranged it, added layers and tweaked pretty much everything. It was me shouting commands and Jannis sweating over the mixing desk and synths. I’m not sure how it happened,... Read More

I’m on myspace now

…and yeah, I’m a bit ashamed about it. Not enough to avoid posting this, but still. I have actually had the account for some time but never did anything with it. So over the weekend I made some half-hearted (at best) attempts att designing the thing, and put up some partial tracks I had lying around. I never finish anything and they’re not really the second coming of Simon Posford, but whatever. OK, enough buildup: http://www.myspace.com/ukiro  Read More