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Hello darkness my old friend

I’ve been making add-on maps for DOOM and DOOM II for 14 years now. In recent years I just haven’t had the time needed to produce something worthwhile, but occasionally I fire up the editor and poke around in some old maps. This weekend I’ve actually made some progress (!) on an old map of mine, part of which can be seen above in all its satanic glory. Wether it’ll ever get released is difficult to say, but seeing how fun it is to map again I might actually... Read More


I have had an extremely hectic period at work, so there was unfortunately never time to do any posts leading up to my DJ set in Belgium last week. I worked so much, in fact, that I barely even had time to pack my bag. When I went to bed the day before I flew to Belgium I had been awake over 36 hours, working non stop for 33 of those. This meant that any form of set planning or other preparation was entirely out of the question, so I was feeling rather uneasy about the whole thing... Read More

DJ gig in Belgium, September 6

Just a quick note to say I will be playing a DJ set in Ghent, Belgium on September 6th. The lineup looks pretty awesome and I can’t wait to hear Tim Schuldt and Green Nuns Of The Revolution. In the 3 weeks leading up the the event I’ll try to write a few posts on the type of music I’ll play. I’m really looking forward to unleash some mental morning goa trance for the infamous Belgian party animals. My scheduled time slot is 6-8am, right after the Green... Read More

Linguistic agility

This post is in English for reasons I’ll get to soon. First, this: I’ve started at a new job. It’s pretty awesome and although the pressure is certainly high, so is the reward. Everyone is super talented, funny, and smells lovely. At this place I get work with some people who don’t speak Swedish, so I get to practice my English a lot. I enjoy this, partly because I like practicing my language skills and also because I’m a narcissist jerk who’s... Read More

Varannan 15/12 – lyssningsinfo

Vi har lite bråttom med att hinna bli klara med allt, men info kommer finnas här:http://www.discogs.com/groups/topic/152123 Det blir en inspelning av hela faderullan också.  Read More


Som musik- och skivnörd är jag alltid sugen på ny musik, och ett väldigt praktiskt och underhållande sätt att möta det behovet är något som kallas varannan. För den som inte orkar läsa länken så går det kortfattat ut på att alla tar med sig ett överenskommet antal skivor, ofta 30 st. Sedan samlas man hos någon med döva/döda/förlåtande grannar och brassar loss. Alla spelar en låt var, och poängen är att försöka följa upp föregående låt på något sätt.... Read More